Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I Just Don't Get It

I am not a blogger by nature. I am trying to set aside time to write each day, and this is a new discipline for doing that. First it was screenplays. Loved that. Then op-ed pieces. I dabble in speechwriting. And writing a blog. It is all so narcissistic, but there we are.

Forget writing. Who has the time to read these things. I reminds me of our five years in Berkeley. A trully wonderful and hedonistic place to live. We would go to Betty's for breakfast on a Tuesday. 10 am and there was a half-hour wait for a table. In the middle of the week. I would look around and ask myself "Who are these people? Don't they have a job?" Then, of course, I would realize that I was there...

So I was taking a look at Bitch.PhD where the bankruptcy bill came into the cross-hairs. I came upon this rant:

"People, well my very financially secure brother, say to me that there is no reason I have credit card debt. Well, let's see: Turned in my dissertation the DAY the furniture was being picked up to move us to my first faculty job. University did not cover all of moving expenses. Debt. University pays only once a month, and first check did not get deposited until October. Debt. We moved for my job leaving my partner trying to find one. It takes him 4 to 5 months. Debt. No one answers all the questions when you're negotiating salary. You find out you MUST contribute % of salary to your retirement. You realize you get paid pretty crappily when you add all this in, plus your husband's insurance until he gets a job and can get it himself. DEBT DEBT DEBT.

"AAAAGH... and that's without kids. I believe many people think that being a professor is a cushy, financially rewarding job. And while I acknowledge that other people don't have the privilege that I have, I want to just scream at times. Particularly now as we try to buy a house and all that damn debt is coming back to haunt me."

No kids and a university job? I think financial literacy is more of a problem than I thought. I am not a fan of the bankruptcy bill. I have not read it, but I know governmental corruption when I see it. You cannot take the money without having to deliver the goods. Someday. And MBNA does not spend its money foolishly.

In contrast with the following:

" Okay, I bought 5 pairs of Victoria's Secret underwear, but they were on sale and yes, I could use that $20, but what's life without good underwear? I think this whole credit card debt thing and bankruptcy and social "in"security is why I'm sort of panic stricken. What if I can't pay off the debt? I now have tax debt that is more than my credit debt. What if Mr. Geeky doesn't get tenure..."

Mr. Geeky?

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