Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hillary's metamorphosis

Was it on the day of George Bush's second inaugural that we were introduced to Hillary, the conservative Christian? I had long wondered when this shift to the center would take place. And I understand, that like Robert Byrd who was born again in Jesus Christ some sixty years ago, Democrats do not need to apologize for their faith.

It just seems that way.

Senator Clinton has been all the rave in the news. New York Republicans have thrown their support behind her. No doubt about it, if they were Democrats they would pull her lever. Nationally as well, she has won the plaudits from her counterparts across the aisle as a strong colleague. Someone they can work with.

Then came the comments of a good friend of mine. A real Republican insider and long-time strategist. Hillary will win, he pronounced. Primaries and general. Cannot be beat. Tom DeLay––he threw in for good measure––is a crazed and scary person. Bad for the party.

Now, I am usually one with a sense for having my lever pulled, and I took the remarks on Tom DeLay as my friend's fairly transparent effort at playing to the crowd. But I took the Hillary line. Hook and sinker and all.

It took a while, but now the picture is coming clear. My good friend––and I will not hold this moment of duplicity against him––was playing me. What a perfect strategy for 2008. Whomever the candidate that will emerge from the Republican side, whom better to face than Hillary, the bete noir of the Republican faithful. I have not listened to Rush for a while, but I bet if I tune in he will be singing her praises as the strongest candidate for the wandering Democrat Party.

Ah, if it works, it will have been brilliant. If they can rehabilitate Hillary enough to put her in the general election, then it will all come tumbling down. Filegate. Vince Foster. National Healthcare. The cold and calculating rise of a politician who has done nothing of substance in her life but plot and scheme her way to the top.

Is my chain being jerked or is it paranoia? Remember the old adage. Just because you are paranoid, it doesn't mean people aren't out to get you.

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