Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What is it with white people?

So, my wife and I are sitting here, and I look to her and just shake my head. What is it about these White kids that they just keep having babies? Wouldn't you know that that man makes the effort to put a White on the ticket, and a woman at that, and the next thing you know, her daughter is pregnant!

I mean really, what with all the advantages they give White people, the least you would think that they would teach their kids some values and not go around being like that. And now they say that she was the same thing, pregnant in high school and had to get married and all?

The shame of it is that this is going to set White people back another 20 years. Not going to find another presidential nominee picking a White person to be on the ticket, I don't care how badly they want to reach out and get the base motivated and whatnot. I don't care who says it's a White persons turn, or any of that. I just say enough of that. They can't show up on a a ticket for more than an hour, or day, or what, and one of them shows up being pregnant.

So I'm done, and my wife gets all up in my face. You know, Hell, she says, you don't know what our kids do, and where they do it, and with whom. So why are you getting so worked up about this poor White woman? She can't control what her daughter does. (Ain't that the truth, I manage to butt in.) So don't tell me that just because she is White, you are going to blame her for it, and tell me that because of that, you don't think she should run the country.

Why you men! You wouldn't say boo if she was a man! If she was a White man (Then she wouldn't be a she, now would she, I chime in, but she ignores me. Whatever.) you wouldn't have a word to say, except maybe for some comment about Where's was the mother at?

After all, it was a man that did this to her, but they are going to do the right thing, and get married.

Who is? I ask.

Bristol. Her daughter. The girl who's pregnant. And Levi.

Levi? Who's Levi?

He's the one who went and got her pregnant.


Figures. I knew the Jews were behind this.

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